About Us

Aderans Construction Ltd.

Dear Partners and Valued Customers,

As Aderans Construction, a local company in Northern Cyprus, we have been building our own projects since 2014 and focusing on providing our customers with comprehensive services. As a company specializing in construction and real estate investment, we take pride in being a reliable name in the industry and the driving force behind significant projects. We are an innovative, pioneering, customer satisfaction-oriented, respected, strong, and successful local company…

Since 2014, it has been a great honor to serve you, our valued customers, with our valuable and dedicated team members, each of whom is an expert in their own field.

At Aderans Construction, we do not just see our projects as constructing buildings; we reimagine your dreams and create quality and comfortable living spaces. Our expertise in construction and real estate investments, combined with our customer satisfaction-focused efforts, has elevated us to a respected position in the industry.

Since our establishment, we have successfully completed projects with various features covering over 300,000 square meters. These include mass housing and apartment projects, private housing projects, commercial buildings, hotels, and various other types of buildings. With these projects, we have not only constructed buildings but also created living spaces that add value to communities and improve the quality of life.

Each of our projects is a success story and a reflection of our company’s values. We set out with the goal of being the “best” and “most reliable,” and in this direction, we continue our work, believing in the power of teamwork and team spirit.

The main goal of Aderans Construction is to provide you with comfortable and quality living spaces without compromising on quality, within the framework of the principles of transparency and honesty. In this process, you have been our greatest supporters. Thanks to the strong bonds we have established with our partners and customers, we have reached today and aim to sail towards many more successes.

We thank you for your interest and trust and would like you to know that we will continue to work with all our strength to offer you the best in the future.





Completed Projects

Corporate Values

Contributing to Society

To provide social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits to the society we live in. To build a better society and more environmentally friendly structures.

Creating Value

We aim to add value to all our sector stakeholders and customers in order to maintain and sustain the success we have achieved.

Continuous Improvement

We have a learning and developing structure. Together with our employees, we aim for the better in every new project by following the developing technologies and investing on them. We are constantly renewing and improving our products and services.

Happy Customers

The happiness of our customers is of great value to us. In order to increase the satisfaction and happiness of our customers, we always aim to meet and exceed their expectations by taking all kinds of needs into account.

Our Mission

To always provide high quality, fast, economical and rational solutions to our customers as the best construction company in the sector.

Our Vision

To design and present accessible living spaces that meet even undiscovered expectations and to spread the satisfaction of our customers.