Reliable Service

We produce projects for the needs of our customers. We follow the developments in the construction sector and adapt them to our own projects.

We transfer our years of knowledge, experience and know-how to our projects and build safe structures that suit our brand.

High Quality Service

We are working hard with our team that has international business experience and discipline, to provide a perfect service to you our valued customers.

We build nature friendly and enviroment friendly structures.

Customer Focused Service

The satisfaction of our customers comes first for us. Life has begun in our dozens of housing projects we have built so far, and we are getting stronger by the feedback we receive from our customers.

Architecture, Interior Architecture Project Design and Engineering

Together with our expert team and directors, we are at your side in all processes of the realization of a project.

Together with our drawings created for your needs, architects, interior architects and engineers evaluate and design your project and present it to you. You have the chance to revise it in line with your needs and wishes, and we will work with all our strength to make your dreams come true.

You can contact our expert team for our support and design suggestions not only for housing, but also for schools, offices, health institutions, commercial buildings, factories, etc.

We are with you during the construction process that starts afterwards. It is a great pleasure for us to let you achieve your “dreams” by listening you, understanding your ideas and fulfiling your needs.

Real Estate Investment Consulting

We support you to invest in real estate and real estate projects with a high profit potential. We are with you for you to earn rental income from the real estates you own and to earn profits in the real estate buying and selling process.

We make decisions about real estate with the right timing and by researching the market, and we draw up reliable road maps for you. We offer you the most suitable solutions by combining economic trends with investor demand and regional analysis.

Every project we build as Aderans Construction has a high value increase. Our selections for location combined with high quality materials and correct project design enables our buyers to earn when they buy, and continue earning afterwards.

Building and Construction

As Aderans Construction, we assist individuals and organizations at all stages of the construction process. The construction process starts with the right analysis of needs and the right strategy. This is followed by architectural drawings and modelling. When you work with an experienced and expert staff, you come across details that even you cannot think of.

We follow the process from the beginning to the end. We determine the strategy, complete the architectural drawings and build the project. We produce different types of projects… We specialize in individual housing, mass housing, villas, schools, hospitals, etc.

We and our experience are always with you. Your satisfaction is our first goal…